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Put on a bee suit and let's open up a live bee hive! Talk with REAL beekeepers, and learn all about the importance of pollination, the 'waggle dance' and the life cycle of one of the most influential insect in the world. Afterward, we will have some honey comb tasting with the actual honey for THIS apiary. Check out our PRESS page for more information about our popular beekeepers. All women own, POC, queer and progressive beekeepers Amelia and Nicole will keep the tour spicy and exciting!!


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  • Good for 2 ADULTS tickets for the 2022 season from June-October, or a private tour whenever you're ready! Additional tickets must be purchased for other guests. Please email us 4 days in advance for bookings availability. RESERVATIONS ARE NECESSARY FOR REDEMPTION. 


    This ticket can not be refunded, exchanged, or altered at all.  It will be rescheduled due to inclement weather and must be used within the "bee season" of 2022.