Cultivating wellness and connection through honey bees.

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Cultivating wellness and connection through honey bees. Half Mad Honey is not just an urban beekeeping company, but an organization that is rooted in education, growth, peer support, and recovery. At Half Mad Honey we believe connections and healing happen around a hive. We love honey bees and want to share that love and lessons from our pollinators with the community around us. 
Riverfront Hive Tours
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The Mindful Bee
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Volunteers and Internships
It takes a hive to build a colony with every bee working towards the same goal. Bees actually vote on every decision, a democratic society not a monarchy. At Half Mad Honey, we are looking for individuals with like minds to help us with our tours and maintenance. We also provide mentorship to those who would like to become beekeepers in the future. No experiences necessary but you will learn the importance of bees, harvest honey, and educate the next generation to care for the Earth.