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Making Connections over Beehives
More than just a beekeeping operation, Half Mad Honey takes its name from the Mad Pride Movement. We’re on a mission to support mental wellness and bring therapeutic experiences outside of the clinical setting and into nature. Our apiary tours immerse you in the sensory experience of the beehive, promoting mindfulness, connecting participants to the natural world, and allowing guests to engage with the unique world of honey bees in a safe setting. Building on research showing the ability of bees to reduce stress and promote well-being, our beehive experiences leave participants feeling grounded and peaceful, and help us forge meaningful connections with the amazing natural world around us. Join us on our next hive tour to see what we’re all about!
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We are proud to offer our "Mindful Bee Hive Tour." At our apiary in Philadelphia's Navy Yard, we'll lead your group in mindfulness meditation, helping you focus on the sun, wind, and the sounds of nature in this small oasis in the heart of the city. After suiting up in protective gear, a beekeeper will guide you through a living bee hive, offering you an introduction to how these complex creatures work.


Entering a beehive for the time is an adventure! Many people get scared just hearing the words "bees." A beekeeper must stay grounded to avoid being stung, but if you treat the bees calmly, you may be surprised at how gentle they can be in return. Our goal is to leave you with a little bit of the peace that comes from a morning spent in the bee yards.

Whether you're a honey bee enthusiast or someone who's a little scared of bees, our tours are for you! We are intentional about creating a safe space for everyone to practice stress reduction coping skills and to connect with nature. Hive tours run in the spring and summer, whenever the weather is clear--so come visit soon!

The Mindful Bee Experience

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Beyond educating people about bees and connecting them with nature, we're passionate about bringing therapeutic experiences out of the clinic and into nature. We've collaborated with scholars at Temple and St. Joseph's University on research about the mental health benefits of beekeeping, and we're excited to offer our apiary therapy program to healthcare providers.

Apiary therapy offers a multivalent set of benefits to participants, from increased connection with nature, to an opportunity to enjoy positive risk taking and practice distress tolerance. All of our therapeutic sessions incorporate mindfulness techniques designed to connect participants with the present moment, with the natural world, and with each other.

Are you a healthcare provider who thinks your clients might benefit from apiary therapy? Follow the link below to read more about our research and download our program flyer!

Apiary Therapy

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Our Values

At Half Mad Honey, we believe in practicing accessible, community-oriented, and sustainable beekeeping. Here’s what this means to us:


  • Lived Mental Health Experience: we believe in destigmatizing mental health challenges and embracing each person’s path to wellness, and we bring our own lived experiences to our work.

  • LGBTQIA+ Owned: we’re proud of our community, and we strive to provide a safe space for people across the spectrum of gender and sexuality.

  • Trauma Informed and Narcan Trained: our priority is to keep you safe while you’re with us, so that you can step outside your comfort zone knowing that you’re in good hands.

  • Sustainable Packaging: like a bee, who wastes no space with hexagonal honeycomb, we use packaging that’s repurposed, reusable, and recyclable.

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