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What will I be doing on a hive tour?

You will be suited up in a bee suit with long sleeve goat skin gloves. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with bees. A beekeeper will lead you through a bee hive, and you can even hold a frame. You will learn about bees, and honey. Can you find the queen?

What should I wear OR not wear?

DO NOT wear solid BLACK or RED clothing as bees see red as black and black as bears! Bees communicate via pheromones (smell) so please do not wear cologne or perfume or scented oil as it will distract the bees or draw them towards you. Please wear CLOSED toe shoes with a back, such as sneakers or boots with a flat solid bottom. Our yard is not paved or solid. It is outside with rocks and pebble, tall grass and uneven ground. ***NO FLIP FLOPS, SANDALS, HEELS, WEDGE, MESH SHOES.***


Will I be able to eat honey on this tour?

We harvest in the middle of summer to allow the bees plenty of time to come out of winter hibernation. This also allows the bees plenty of time to make more honey for their next winter. So if you happen to come at a certain time, we may be able to allow honey tasting! You can always buy honey online after JULY.  

What happens with rainy weather?

If inclement weather happens, we will refund 100% of your money or offer another date for you and your family to come visit us. 100% money back guarantee!


Is this tour wheel chair accessible?

Unfortunately, NO, our apiary is outside in an industrial part of the Navy Yard and the ground is not ideal for wheelchairs. We apologized for this inconvenient!


Will there be a bathroom facility? Snacks? Water? Waiting area?

We are a small company working in a vacant lot in the Navy Yard, so we do not have our own bathroom facilities available, however the Marriot Hotel and the restaurant The Gatehouse down the street allow us to use their facilities during tour hours. Please enjoy the FREE water and snacks before or after your tour!


What happens if I get stung?

A bee sting will hurt for a few minutes and in some cases it can swell for several days. You can take some Benadryl when you return home and apply some pain relief ointment until it goes away. We find that applying some alcohol wipes immediately and ice helps with soreness and swelling.


What if I’m allergic to bees?

Although we do provide a full body suit with thick gloves to prevent bee stings, WE CANNOT GUARANTEE YOU WON'T GET STUNG! We encourage those with severe allergies to avoid this activity. 


Why am I signing a consent form?

We require all persons entering the apiary to consent to sign a waiver prior to entering. PLEASE BE ADVISED you may not be able to participate in any events without that signed form. Consent forms allow us to safely invite the community into our apiary to learn about bees.

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