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Cultivating wellness and connection through honey bees.


Hi! I'm Amelia. I fell in love with beekeeping in 2016 when I impulsively signed up for a beekeeping class at Temple University. I was really struggling with my mental health at the time, and beekeeping grew to become a meditative and grounding practice for me, and true therapeutic outlet. As a public health student (BS, MPH) and mental health worker I believe that therapy needs to be expanded outside of clinical settings. Half Mad Honey is dedicated to creating awareness surrounding mental health and wellness, and providing a safe space for all people to learn about bees, build confidence, and connect with peers and nature.


I'm Natasha Pham and I have been a chef for almost 20 years, from fine dining to resorts to camps and now private school. Amelia and I met in 2018 and she got me hooked on bees! We started Half Mad Honey in 2021 to support mental health awareness and apiary therapy. Most people with mental disorders are labeled as "mad". There is also a reddish, deep amber honey called 'MAD HONEY', from Turkey, known to cause hallucinations and lightheadedness. We wanted to incorporate both beekeeping and mental health to destigmatize the 'madness.'  The value of real food such as fruits and vegetables can only be produce through pollination.

natasha pham
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