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The "Mindful Bee" Hive Tour

This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Our FREE public hive tour (sponsored by The Navy Yard)!

The Half Mad Honey Difference

During a Mindful Hive Tour you will get the chance to learn about the intricate lives of honey bees, and unwind with the rhythmic hums of the hive. We invite you to the apiary to reconnect with nature and experience the magical world of honey bees. Mindful Hive Tours begin with a sensory grounding meditation in the apiary, before opening up the hive and meeting the bees. While in the apiary you will learn about the community of honey bees, how bees make honey, and the use of bee products throughout history and medicine. You will even get the chance to hold a frame of bees, and look for the queen! Mindful Tours always end with enjoying a sweet honey tasting, straight from the hive. *On our tour you will be safe and protected from being stung in the whole-body bee suit we provide along with a knowledgeable beekeeper.

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