Cultivating wellness and connection through honey bees.

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Cultivating wellness and connection through honey bees. Half Mad Honey is not just an urban beekeeping company, but an organization that is rooted in education, growth, peer support, and recovery. At Half Mad Honey we believe connections and healing happen around a hive. We love honey bees and want to share that love and lessons from our pollinators with the community around us. 
Half Mad Honey Tours
Half Mad Tours sponsored by The Navy Yard PIDC. Let's open up a bee hive and take a look. You can find the queen, look for larvae, touch a bee and more.
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Reiki in the Apiary
Receive reiki in the apiary while surrounded by the rhythmic hum of honey bees. Ground in nature, and experience the energetic connections of the hive. In collaboration with the Reiki School and Clinic and Reiki Practitioner Vicki Z
The Mindful Bee
Coming soon!
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